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Every serious artist needs an art studio where they can get organized, store supplies, work interruption free and have the freedom to build and create without hindrance. Produce your best work in the creative atmosphere of an art based community center.

ART247 is located along the Erie Canal in Historic Lowertown Lockport NY. Resident Studio spaces are located in a historic renovated factory building once home to Western Block Company. Studios range from open layout format, closed office space, to mixed used industrial and shop areas and come in a variety of sizes from 150 square feet to 4000 square feet or greater. The building has natural light and a great view, and future renovations include installations of storefront window displays along the first floor, increasing the view-line to the Erie Canal, and enhancing the facade of ART247 and the visual presence of Resident Artists' studios.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Dialogue with other artists inspires creativity. ART247 provides the opportunity to socialize with other artists who share the same passions. There is no reason to feel isolated, join us at ART247!

Studio rents are affordable and most include utilities. Leases are on a month to month basis so you do not have to make a long term commitment, however many of our Resident Artists have been established at the ART Center for over a decade. Resident Artists have 24 hour access to their studio - 7 days a week. (Studios are work areas only. Local zoning laws prohibit anyone from using them as an apartment.)

In addition ART247 will promote and sell your artwork for the times you are not present in your studio for a commission. Artists are free to sell their works direct from Artist to Patron, all purchases made through the gift shop however are commissioned sales set at a reduced rate for Resident Artists. A Commission Agreement for this option is required. The gift shop will not sell works or facilitate credit card, check, or cash sales through the gift shop without a current signed commission agreement.

Benefits to becoming a Resident Artist at ART247:
  • Affordable Creative Space in Historic Lowertown Lockport, NY along the Erie Canal
  • Become a member of a rich and diverse art community
  • 24/7 Access.
  • Secured facility with tenant only access after-hours.
  • Off-street night parking
  • Month-to-Month Leasing
  • Free unlimited admission
  • Members-only programs, events, and exhibition previews
  • 15% Discounts on ART247 educational programs (excludes resident artists' classes & instructions)
  • Subscriptions to ART247 mailings and online content
  • 35/65 Commission Rate on Resident Artist's work sold through ART247 Gift Shop*
  • 10% discount at ART247's Gift Shop (excludes consigned artwork)
  • 10% discounts on Art Supplies through ART247's art supplies store
  • Advanced notice for all Call for Artists Prospectuses
  • 10% Discount on Exhibition Submission Fees
  • 15% Discount on Facility, Classroom, & Gallery rental rates

ART247 gives local artists a new home to create and display their work. Our goal is to provide a comfortable space that is safe and affordable, and inspires creativity.

We invite you to become a part of our rich and diverse art community, visit us at 247 Market Street, Lockport NY and find out more!

 View our current available studios spaces 

Art Instructors

Master Resident Artists

Rental Office

Rental Office Hours:

10am - 1pm
(Please call for an appointment.)


Drop In Studio Space - Day Rentals:

Secured Studio Spaces available for day rental 10am-4:45pm. $25/day

Includes: Utilities & craft/mess table as needed

[Must Register at Gift Shop]


Studios: #1B, 1, 5, 6, 9, 223  

175 to 330 Square Feet




Classroom Rentals:

Includes: Session wifi access for instructor/presentations, desks & chairs, & bathroom facilities

[Must Register via]


Lower Classroom

Hourly rental. Space rate = 30% of each student fee, $60/hour min. W-Sun 10am-4:45pm


Upper Classroom

Hourly rental. Space rate = 30% of each student fee, $60/hour min. W-Sun 10am-4:45pm



Studio Space - Month to Month and Yearly Leases:

Market Street:

#1B - 330 Sq.Ft. $315/m

#1 - 330 Sq.Ft. $315/m

#5 - 250 Sq.Ft. $250/m

#6 - 250 Sq.Ft. $250/m

#9 - 175 Sq.Ft. $175/m

#11 - 225 Sq.Ft. $210/m

#223 - 228 Sq.Ft. $200/m


#15 - Shop / Studio 1100 Sq.Ft. $750/m


#17 - Shop / Storage 750 Sq.Ft. , $600/m


#21 - Shop 2475 Sq.Ft.  $1750/m plus utilities



Exchange Street: 

#Ex 15 - 4500sf $3500/m plus utilities

#Ex 34 - 4500sf $3500/m plus utilities






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