Feb 17 - Mar 18

Gallery Opening Reception:
Feb 17, 1-4p



February 17 - March 18
Gallery Opening Reception - FEBRUARY 17, 1-4p

Free Admission

- A black-and-white image deconstructs a scene and reduces it to its forms and tones. Distracting colors are recast as subtle shades of gray that add to a composition..

- With such a "restricted" palette—it's easier than ever before, and it allows us to look at our subjects more deeply, expanding the possibilities of our photography..

- Black-and-white can reveal different things to a photographer and viewer. As photographers, we can develop and use our ability to see in black-and-white to our advantage, expanding our aptitude for seeing the potential of what's in front of the lens. Color is the most obvious element of composition, but shape, line and texture can separate a nice picture from something that's truly special. Thinking in black-and-white will train your eye to spot the full potential of a photograph.

As we re-introduce one color to a specific selection or in an intentional pattern to an image we're selectively developing and layering further meaning and focus into that image...

Historic Palace Theatre

An Exhibition of Regional Photographers Exploring Photographic and Artistic Expression through use of only Black, White, and One Color. Works of regional photographers are selected each year for participation in the photography exhibition. Originality, photographic composition, and creativity are some of the main, but not the sole criteria used to select final works for the exhibition, other factors also contribute to our juried decision. Moreover, we try to include a variety of subjects, and artistic styles all to ensure we provide photographers with an opportunity to develop further artistic vision, collaboration, presentation, and new ideas for their own future works, while building relations and collaborations with other regional photographers.

Join us February 17, 2018 1pm - 4pm at our Black White & One Color Photography Exhibition, Opening Reception.




Photographers interested in submitting work into the exhibition may find the
Call For Photographers - "Black, White & One Color Photography Exhibition" Submission Details: HERE



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