Ray "The Rave" Painter

Saturday, 2018-06-23 01:00 PM - Saturday, 2018-06-23 04:00 PM
ART247 | Red Brick Gallery
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Ray "The Rave" Painter 

Live Art Performance and Opening Reception


Upcoming inspirational Artist Raymond Sack - Ray "The Rave" Painter - will perform at ART247 June 23 between 1pm & 4pm. Sack's artwork is inspired by the music he listens to while painting. From Techno, Electronic, and Metal, to Classical music, Sack dances to his music and creates splatter and pour painted compositions.


Sack's unique style of art was born out of a newfound creativity discovered while on college break. He admits he didn't enjoy art in his earlier education owing to a rigid strict instruction of art requirements in his earlier years. 

"Schools wouldn't let me express my kind of take on art. I could understand why they didn't want such a mess but at the same time they didn't allow freedom of creation, it was rugged strict guidelines they followed. It was always 'do this, this way' or 'draw that, and that.' It was hard for me because of my ADHD. I went along with whatever the teachers told me and got through it, but I didn't care for it."


Sack openly discusses his ADHD during his live performances and recorded videos on his YouTube Channel series: "Ray The Rave painter." Through his unique style of performance art, Sack has developed an inspirational voice, and actively motivates others with positive messages. 

"I do talks about being yourself and not worrying about other people's opinion or thoughts. I know that's easier said than done. Going through high school and middle school it was hard for me to be myself to make friends. But I heard a band called 'Motionless In White,' their message was about being yourself and forgetting what people have to say, I found that refreshing more than anything in high school. That message helped me become myself and I just want to help others realize that you don't have to pretend to be accepted. That everybody has their own unique ways such as my painting, I did it personally for me, nobody told me to paint or how to do it, this was all me! That really helped me cope with my ADHD and realize it's not so bad. I've been ashamed of my ADHD for years thinking something's wrong with me or that I'm not normal, but really the crazy weird unique people are the ones that changed the world. So I want to help other people get inspired, realize this message, and help them through their own struggles."


Raymond Sack's - Ray "The Rave" Painter - Opening Reception and Live Performance event will include both a meet and greet with the Artist, Inspirational talks, and his performance art to music - all set in the atmosphere of ART247's Red Brick Gallery in the former industrial Western Block Co complex on the Erie Canal, in Lockport NY. Sack's canvas paintings, paint suit, and gas mask will set the stage for the unique performance to music.


Ray "The Rave" Painter Exhibition will run from June 23 - July 22. Gallery hours are Wednesdays through Sundays, from 10am to 5pm. Located at 247 Market Street Lockport, NY 14094. Admission is free and open to the public.





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